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Buckwheat Rice Miso Ramen



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Buckwheat Rice Miso Ramen

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1. Gluten-free: wheat-free,barley-free, rye-free, etc., low sensitivity is more secure.
2. Eat lightly and be healthy: only buckwheat flour and brown rice flour are used as ingredients for the dough blocks, and the new technology and formula, patented technology and equipment are non-fried, which is safer and healthier.
3. New technology and new technology: buckwheat and brown rice are scientifically matched, so as to balance blood fat and blood sugar, promote intestinal peristalsis, be low in fat, and eat without abdominal burden.
4. Freeze-dried miso soup package: FD freeze-dried black technology, no oil package, refreshing and not greasy. Miso is a fermented product of soybean, which is high in protein, easy to absorb, full of mellow flavor, healthy and delicious.
5. Boil5ming-free brewing: it can be eaten immediately after being brewed in boiling water for 5 minutes, saving time and effort, and is suitable for breakfast, midnight snack, afternoon tea, travel, outdoor and other anytime and anywhere.
6. Luxury quality: originated from nature, adhering to science and technology, high temperature gradient drying, won many national invention patents and international qualification certification, and exported to more than 30 countries around the world.
7. Recommended people:Gluten allery/Hashimoto's thyroid patient, teenagers,fitness athletes, sugar friends, fat friends, pregnant or baby's mothers, office workers, and people who stay up late.

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