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Porcini Sauce Rice Ramen



Rice ramen

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Porcini Sauce Rice Ramen

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1. Gluten-free: wheat-free,barley-free, rye-free, etc., low sensitivity is more secure.
2. New technology and new technology: the ingredients of the dough are only rice flour and water, which are not fried, safe and healthy.
3. Selection of raw materials: japonica rice in northeast cold region is preferred, which is more nutritious.
4. Special package: special mushroom flavor, rich mushroom flavor, rich nutrition and delicious taste.
5. Convenient and fast: you don't need to cook, you can eat it in boiling water for 6-8 minutes, saving time and effort, and you can enjoy life slowly at a fast pace.
6. Luxury quality: originated from nature, adhering to science and technology, high temperature gradient drying, won many national invention patents and international qualification certification, and exported to more than 30 countries around the world.
7. Recommended people:Gluten allery patient, pregnant or baby's mothers, white-collar business people, and healthy new concept people who pursue high quality and exquisite life.
8. Edible scene: suitable for supper, overtime, outdoor travel, etc., and can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

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