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Rice Ramen



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Rice Ramen

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1. Gluten-free: wheat-free,egg-free, milk-free, and eight allergens. Caring for sensitive children makes mothers feel more at ease.
2. Clean label: only rice flour and water, really no added. New technology, patented technology and equipment, 0 salt, non-frying, healthier and safer.
3. Selection of raw materials: source control, natural ingredients, enrich children's diet and help thrive.
3. Enjoy delicious food quickly: it can be cooked for 4-6min, or brewed without boiling water for 6-8min. The rice flavor is rich and soft, which is convenient and quick, and the mother is more labor-saving.
4. Luxury quality: originated from nature, adhering to science and technology, high temperature gradient drying, won many national invention patents and international qualification certification, and exported to more than 30 countries around the world.
5. Scientific food intake: it contains 4 bags of independent dough blocks, 50g/bag, which are specially customized for children's food intake, and are individually plastic-sealed for easy storage.
6. Recommended people: children.

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