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Black Rice Ramen



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Black Rice Ramen

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1. Gluten-free: wheat-free,barley-free, rye-free, etc.,low sensitivity is more secure.
2. Clean label: only black rice flour and brown rice flour, without any additives and preservatives, and zero salt and zero fat, pure natural and safer.
3. The food is novel: the scientific proportion of black rice and brown rice, new technology and new formula, patented technology and equipment, nutritious and delicious; Whole grains, dietary fiber, promote intestinal peristalsis, improve metabolism, healthy food.
4. Cook quickly: cook quickly for 5-6 minutes, and you can make noodle soup, fried noodles, or mixed noodles with sauce, which makes the taste strong and smooth.
5. Light and luxurious quality: adhering to nature and gradient drying, it has won many national invention patents and international qualification certification and exported to more than 30 countries around the world.
6. Recommended people:Gluten allery/Hashimoto's thyroid patient, fitness athletes, sugar friends, fat friends, pregnant or baby's mothers, and new healthy people who pursue high quality and refined life.

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