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Live gluten free,Live better life!


Enterprise Profile

     Dalian Hongren Whole Grain Foodstuffs Co. Ltd. and Dalian Hongrun Lianhua Food Co. Ltd. are enterprises operating under our brand GloryLand®Noodlelulu®. As technologically advanced, scientifically-innovative entities, they are geared to produce and distribute our top-quality, patented gluten-free pasta and ramen products.


     We has been awarded four national invention patents and numbers of patent for utility models As sign of technological innovation of the ground-breaking research and development that has gone into producing our gluten-free, additive-free noodles made from rice and whole grains. In addition to these national patents, GloryLand® has acquired several third-party international standards certifications endorsing that our products are gluten-free, wheat-free, low-glycemic, non-fried, additive-free, and  suitable for all consumers as well as  allergic consumers.


     The companies have a professional R&D team, initiated and participated in the formulation of the group standard of China 《Gluten-free Food Evaluation Standard》, promoted the establishment of the  national industry regulation of 《Gluten-free Food》, created a new era of gluten-free diet.


     We learn from advanced production management experience and innovative marketing model, and on the track moving towards the goal.


     We welcome new and old friends to cooperate with us to seek common development and make great achievements together.



Brand Introduction

      Today, GloryLand® is recognized as one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of gluten-free, additive-free noodles and ramen in the global mainstream market since year 2005. We have innovated and developed more than 60 kinds of gluten-free noodle products, which are exported all over the world and sell well in more than 30 countries and regions in Europe and America. Factories and products have acquired several third-party international standards certifications. Participated in the formulation of domestic "Gluten-free food Evaluation Standard" group standards and "Gluten-free Food" industry standards, filling in the blank of domestic gluten-free food standards.  


      Our ongoing commitment to research and development, and our passion for technological innovation, have established GloryLand® as the industry leader in the gluten-free noodle niche. New patents and further exciting innovations show that our customers can look forward to many new exciting products in the future.  


      Live gluten free, Live better life!