Live gluten free,Live better life!

Jan 30,2023

Is gluten-free diet really an IQ tax?

Gluten, a general term for glutenin and gliadin, exists in wheat, barley, rye and their hybrid grains, commonly known as "gluten". "Low gluten flour", "medium gluten flour" and "high gluten flour" are judged according to the gluten content in flour. High gluten flour has the highest gluten content and tastes the most gluten-rich.

Jan 30,2023

GloryLand® appeared at Dalian Import and Export Exhibition

On the morning of December 16th, 2022, the 35th Dalian Import and Export Fair was successfully opened in Dalian World Expo Plaza. This exhibition seized the great opportunity of RCEP's entry into force, actively integrated into the "the belt and road initiative", deeply cultivated Japan and South Korea, helped the high-quality development of Liaoning coastal economic belt, and actively built an important platform to promote the new development pattern of "domestic and international double circulation".

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